OperaMuse takes classic operas and adapts them for modern times. In English, OperaMuse customizes storylines and characters for our singers. 



amazing music

We take classic operas and turn them into salon style performances with local opera singers and pianists.


Non-traditional spaces

We perform in non-traditional spaces, so you can be up close and personal with the singers and the story.



modern stories

We retain classic operatic drama with modernized stories and local flair.

Adapted by Michael Heitmann


A cautionary tale about the most reprehensible Casanova in the history of literature, Don Giovanni has a resonance now, in our #MeToo moment, like it never has before. And Operamuse has done a splendid job bringing it up to the present, casting the wretched Don G. as an Axe-drenched frat bro, living out his depraved fantasies across college campuses all over.

But be forewarned, adult language and themes make this an R-rated, trigger-laden evening. But for all of the the weight that the subject matter entails, it'll be a worthy meditation on one of the defining struggles of our age -- and of ages past. Moreover, the music is great beyond description or belief.

Giovanni - Michael Heitmann

Leporello - Jonah Spool

Elvira - Sammie Gorham

Commendatora - Rachelle Moss

Anna/Zerlina - Clarice Alfonso