OperaMuse's version of the iconic Puccini opera, La Boheme, was adapted into modern day Seattle. Rodolfo wrote screenplays and erotica, Mimi sold embroidered items on Etsy, and Marcello was an app developer. Adapted by Michael Heitmann and Sammie Gorham.

Rodolfo - Benjamin Cleveland

Mimi - Sammie Gorham

Marcello - Revere Taylor

Musetta - Erin Whitfield

Colline - Michael Heitman

Pianist - Gregory Smith

Translated from an Italian intermezzo (first performed in German) of the same name and adapted from the original narrative to be set in present-day Seattle and in present-day English, the opera directly deals with sexuality, intimacy, taboo, and the performative nature of romantic relationships. 

Sammie Gorham plays Susanna, whose clueless husband Gil, played by Darrell DJ Jordan, works out her kinks and Domme desires with an anonymous butler. Adapted by Sammie Gorham. Accompanied by Collin Whitfield.